All about my photography- what equipment I use, how I edit my photos…

If someone told me that I will be at this point today regarding photography, I would tell them that they are crazy. I mean a year ago I didn’t even like photography, and look at me today, I can’t live without it :p Funny, right… Because I was getting messages about my photography and about how I edit my photos, I decided to make this blog post in which I will show you all of my little secrets. Just joking. The truth is, I don’t really use I don’t know what kind of amazing tools to create my photos. There are only 3 main things that make good photography: camera/phone, lightning, and goodwill.

My photography equipment

Whether you use Insta for work or pleasure, there’s no denying that everyone is upping their game. Now, I’m a firm believer in doing your own thang and trying not to compare to the bigwigs. I mean, if hanging off the edge of the Eiffel Tower doesn’t fit in with your 11 o ‘clock board meeting, I get it. But there are certain things you can do to get your grid together and create a more cohesive account.

In most cases, photographers, bloggers, and influencer on Instagram like to use a professional camera, but I like to make a combination of my phone and camera. I mean taking your camera every single time you go out is not that common, however, you do always have your phone next to you. Because of that, I shoot with both. I use a an iPhone 5s and a Canon EOS 1200d.

When I use my iPhone I do use some little tricks I have figured out during the time I have been photographing with it. Here is a short video on how to actually make your photos better.

Also, when I use my camera for photography I always shoot in Manual mode. The camera itself has many other features in which you can shoot, but once you learn how to control the ISO, aperture and shutter speed you are on a horse baby. Another piece of equipment I use when shooting food with my camera is a Tripod. Trust me when I say that a tripod is a game changer. It helps you make those really sharp and focused photos that everyone just loves, especially when it comes to food. When you get a tripod you can actually take a quick shot of that delicious chocolate or ice cream melting down. So if you use a camera and want to take your photography to another level, then you should definitely buy yourself a tripod. So that is my equipment. Now let me show you all of the apps I use on my phone to edit my photos.



The first app is the Preview app. The good part is that is FREE 😀 I use it to plan ahead my feed. That way I can actually create the grid I wish to have. If you still haven’t figured out what type of Instagram theme you would like to stick to, then maybe my previous post might help you.  I finally found mine and the rule I use is one line diagonally falling in which I have quotes and motivational captions, one line with my photos and one line with food. That way I can post everything I want to have on my Instagram account 🙂 Here is how it actually looks like in an app.




I edit my Instagram photos and blog images in Lightroom. This app is also free and is more technical than most editing software and falls into the same realm as Photoshop. Particularly handy if you have an image that’s too dark or is dominant in one color or another as it allows you to desaturate particular hues instead of the whole image. I love to play with colors in it because I get the full control of the intensity of the colors and their hue.



Another great 2 apps I use are SnapSeed and FaceTune. In both, I like to use the whitening brush tool. It helps me take out all of that ugly colors and bring up the brightness to the whole picture. Another tool I use in Snap seed is the selective tool. You will see how I use it in the video below. However, in FaceTune I like to use the black and white tool. With it, I take out the color from the parts of the picture I do not want to have in focus. Here is an example of a photo after I have used both apps.



And the last and my favorite app is VSCO CAM. In here I do the last little touches and add the filter I stick to. I use the A6 filter and I never go over 4. I also edit my skin in the skin tone mode, add a little bit of the warmth and that is it. Here is how the final result looks like

I hope this post was helpful and that I’ve proved to you that isn’t that much of a secret on how to edit a nice Insta photo. Here is also a little video on how I actually made the edit so that you can see all of the steps.

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