About me

Hello there!
I am so glad you are here. I will be totally honest with you in this post and tell you more about myself. So, I know that most of you will just look at the pictures on my blog and leave. Well, trust me, that is total okey. I do the same, so I won’t ask you to read everything I write in here 🤗

Before I start to tell you about my little background and life story, I would like you to keep in mind that I would love to hear your story too. If you find yourself in any of my sentences, please don’t be afraid to write me an email, comment or anything your heart desires.

As many of you know, I am Lara. Just a girl behind FitWithoutGuilt, who has an enormous passion for cooking, healthy lifestyle and fitness. I have to say that I wasn’t like that when I was younger. I actually hated exercising, but I always loved eating and cooking. So I started my blog in summer of 2017. I actually created the name way before that, on a coffee I had with my sister and her friend. While we were talking I brought up the idea and we created the name. Since that day, everything began.

The reason I started my blog is the 4-year journey I had. That journey was the reason I started everything. It almost brought me to the end of my life, and it taught me so much. After prevailing it, I decided to inspire others and to teach them what I know, to show them how I see and experience things in life, to share with them, everything I feel and desire and to make them a part of my little world.

When I was younger I didn’t have many friends. I didn’t have people that I could trust. My schoolmates didn’t like me, instead, they were just using me. I was always pushed out of a birthday party someone had, conversation, hang out… I was also always taking care of my family, instead of them doing that for me and because of that, I got sick. Now when I turn back, I would be so glad to have someone next to me during that time. Someone who could have told me what to do, advice me on how to fight with some things and how to believe in myself. I would be so thankful for someone who could have told me that I am worthy. Well, I didn’t have that, but that is also one of the reasons why I made this page.

As a teenage girl, I have things I love to do except my blog. I have a little puppy whose name is Nela. I love to read, paint, write and listen to music. I HATE makeup (learning how to deal with using it 🤣) and I don’t really use it if I don’t have to. I love to educate myself, and I do have a problem with being a perfectionist (which is not a good thing, believe me). I am very passionate and my brain works 24/7. Every day I think about what I can make for all of you, how to inspire you and how to give you something that you will like. Well, I take that as a must. I also love going to the gym. That is my way out of the negativity and everything I can’t stand in life or my day. Exercising helps me relax my mind and it helps in finding peace. I know it might be hard to understand that part, but exercise is a meditation for me.

So yeah, this is me. A simple girl who has big ambitions. A girl who had rough past, a girl who wants to bring something new and inspiring to the world. I don’t want any of you to see me as another Instagram girl who is trying to become famous. Believe me, that is not me. I don’t want to be like others, because I know that each person has something special and each person has something different to give to the world. I would never give up on the journey I had and I would never chose to be the person I used to be. Why? Because I am happier today and without that pat I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t be that girl who finally found a meaning for life.