Wholesome Delights Recipe Ebook

Wholesome Delights is a healthy dessert recipe e-book filled with the most delicious sweet treats to satisfy your cravings.

These are my and my families favourite healthy dessert recipes which I created in order to heal my gut and to provide guiltless treats for my beloved ones.🍫



  • A mindful eating guide to help you build a good relationship with food

  • 88 pages
  • Information on the ingredients used in all of the recipes

  • An ingredient pantry list

  • Recipes have been approved by a nutritionist
  • 20+ Gut friendly, Refined sugar-free & Guilt-free recipes

  • A range of low carb, vegan, nut-free and egg free desserts
  • Recipe modifications on how to make recipes in line with your needs (from normal protein to high protein or from non-keto to keto)


Which recipes will you find in Wholesome Delights?

  • Cinnamon crumb bars
  • Chunky Monkey Bites
  • Chocolate Toastie 0 net carb cereal
  • Granola Yogurt Breakfast Balls
  • White Chocolate Protein Marshmallows
  • Oreo Sandwich Cookie Bars
  • Stracciatella- Coconut Raspberry Slice