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Essential oils are often used in aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine that employs plant extracts to support health and well-being. However, some of the health claims associated with these oils are controversial. In this article, I will talk about my experience of using some of the essential oils and also will mention some interesting facts regarding them.

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that retain the natural smell and flavour, or “essence,” of their source. It has been estimated that 43% of people who have stress and anxiety use some form of alternative therapy to help relieve their symptoms (8).

Regarding aromatherapy, initial studies have been quite positive. Many have shown that the smell of some essential oils can work alongside traditional therapy to treat anxiety and stress (Source2ndSource).


I had an opportunity to collaborate with a company called Sweet Valley. They texted me asking if I would like to try their products and I said yes. The reason I accepted is the fact that I heard that essential oils can help with anxiety and stress, which I had an extra off during the last couple of months because of my obligations and tests. So, they were kind enough to send me these products:


The package I received was very nicely packed and the outside of the package was very nice. However, there were no instructions on how to use the oils, which is a pity so I had to be creative. I added a couple of drops of the oils while having my baths and while studying just so that by the end of the day I could be surrounded with the intensity of the smell, which I found very pleasing. I added one oil to a small cup which was next to my tub and then by the end of the bath it would evaporate because of the heat. The other, peppermint one, I simply kept close to me while studying


There are many benefits of the oils itself which you can find on their site, but there are some I noticed after using this oil for 1 full month:

  • alleviated tension and stress
  • less fatigue
  • better mental clarity

The difference wasn’t huge but after my baths, I truly felt better and the orange flavour truly did leave some calming effects on my body. However, I did find some different effects of peppermint oil.


The peppermint oil is much stronger than the orange one and it actually gave a totally different effect on my body, At first, I used them together but then I realised that the peppermint one wakes me up while the orange on makes me calm. After some days I decided to just open up the bottle next to me while studying and I do have to say that its effects were quite good. The oil helped me keep:

  • focus
  • alertness
  • mental clarity


Despite not having a proper way of using the oils, I do believe the orange oil helped me relax on my most stressful and that the intensity of the peppermint one kept me awake, however, evidence supporting many of their associated health claims is lacking, and I personally believe that their effectiveness is often exaggerated. They might help and might leave you in a more calm state like when visiting a spa, but will they take your problems away- NO.

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