The Ordinary review + my skin care

I don’t know about you but I have been struggling with my skin and its health for so long. I tried to change my diet at first to see how my skin would react to that change and I also tried using so many different skin care products from brands like Garnier, Loreal, Balea… However, no of them truly helped me because of my skin type. They would help with reducing the dirty layer on my skin but none of them actually deeply cleaned my face.

Before I actually talk about The Ordinary and the products which I am using let me explain my skin type- I have dry skin (on the cheeks and forehead) but then oily on my nose and chin. Because of that every time when I use creams which are a little more oily, I get so many blackheads on those 2 areas that it is unbelievable. I do have highly open pores and blackheads on my nose (if I don’t regularly clean my face). In addition, I get a lot of pimples on my forehead and cheeks which appear mostly if I sweat a lot and eat lactose (which I am not consuming atm).

Basically, the reason why I ordered these products from The Ordinary is that I wanted to finally fins products which would help me clean my skin and which would help me keep my face in a healthy looking way. Once I did my research I found The Ordinary brand and I read a lot of their products. They seemed great because of the way their products work and also because they don’t cause harsh reactions on the skin (which is important for me because my skin is quite sensitive). So I ordered a pack of 5 pieces from Cloud10Beauty. I got the :

So why did I choose these 5 products? It is simple- After I clean my face with a soft brush and this cleanser I like to apply something which will help reduce all of the inflammatory processes. That is why I got the Glycolic Acid. Then, once I am done with that part I wanted to use a product which would deeply clean my pores and that is the function of the Salicylic Acid, but I didn’t want my face to become too dry which is what happens once you only use the salicylic acid itself, so I got Hyaluronic acid and the chia seed oil. In addition, the Niacinamide is just an addition to everything because it helps your skin lose blemishes and imperfections which I definitely can confirm by using the products.


Since I got the products I have been using this simple routine only once a day – before going to bed. So after my day I like to clean my face from all the sweat, dirt and other nastly things I picked 😛

The routine I have looks like this:

  1. Firstly I was my face with a cleanser
  2. Then I put on the Glycolic Acid and the salicylic acid and I rub them well into my skin
  3. After that I add the hyaluronic acid and the Niacinamide and repeat the process
  4. In the end, I use moisturising face cream and add a little bit of it to my hand. Then I add about 2 drops of the chia seed oil and mix the cream with it. I add the mix only to the dry parts of my face and to the other oily parts I add only the cream itself.



In conclusion I have to say that I am SUPER satisfied with my current skin stage. It is healthy, hidrated and all of the imperfections are starting to fade away. So if you are looking for a good quality products for your face, check out the different options The Ordinary has and definitely give them a try. I didn’t regret using their products at all and I am definitely going to order them again.

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