Hrana na kvadrat- protein bar review

I’ve never been a huge bar person, simply because I prefer having simple not packed snacks. In addition, most protein bars are filled with additional ingredients which are definitely not good for your body and personally they irritate my stomach a lot. Sure, most companies include some extra grams of protein into their bars but that doesn’t mean they’re always helping out your body.

In the past I did try different bar brands and to be honest I didn’t like them so much. Were are talking here about a big range of brands form vegan, gluten-free keto and vegetarian. However, I did ADORE the RX bars because they are super simple, made out of just 3-4 ingredients, are super easy to digest and are gluten-free. Definitely, my number 1 brand and I would recommend them to anyone.

Because of that about a month ago, I found a brand called Hrana na kvadrat, which has protein bars made out of similar ingredients. It is a company which strives to help people find a healthy source of meal replacement which is made out of just a couple of ingredients and it trustworthy. I got interested in their products and was lucky enough to get a sample pack.

I received their pack (with only one flavour- cacao) couple of days after making a contact with them and after trying their bars I decided to share my honest opinion about it.

My first impression, after opening the bar, was that it is pretty oily because after I opened it my hands got very dirty after touching the bar. However, after I took the first bite I realised that I was wrong.

The texture of the bars was quite dense. You could feel the mixture of the dates and cocoa which do create that kind of sticky texture like peanut butter. I personally love that and that was a huge WIN for me. However, I would definitely prefer it to be a little less dense.

After taking another bite I focused on the sweetness and overall flavour. To be honest, the bar is not very sweet because it is made out of cashews, egg whites and dates, but the density of the cocoa is just the rigth for me. It even has a little bit of bitterness in its taste which I personally like. I am not the kind of person who like very sweet things πŸ˜› So for me the overall flavour and the mix of each ingredient was just right.

The best part of everything is the amount of the ingredients that the bars contains (only 5) and the ratio of the macronutrients.

So basically, one bar serves 12g of P, 21.5g CH and 7,5g F! That is FREAKING AMAZING! The bar itself, in my opinion, is a great post workout option.

After I had the bar I didn’t have any stomach issues and I didn’t get bloated at all!

To sum up this little review on here, I just want to say that I personally really enjoyed the bars and I would definitely get them again. They are simple and have no aditives (which is THE MOST IMPORTANT), easy to digest and I do like the flavour. However, I do know that a lot of people are not used to the texture of peanut butter for example and that they like their bars to be sweet, and if you can relate, then I do have to say that these bars will not be a “winning” choice for you ad they were for me.

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