Vegan protein powders Review & Comparison (Protein World, Nuzest, Aloha)

My search in finding the best vegan protein powder has not been an easy one, I must say. With many vegan protein powders in the market it is really hard to find the one that I can really enjoy in without making any bad face expressions.

Despite this, I kept hearing different reviews and recommendations from friends and other influencers about their favourite brands so I knew there was more out there to explore and in this post I will share with you some of the most common one in the market.

This post is not sponsored by any of the brands in the post and it is based on my honest opinion.

I will share with you everything from the texture, sweetness and the quality of the protein powders and will rate them from 1-5.



Texture: 1 – gritty + flecks (it feels like you are having a drink of muddy water)
Sweetness: 2 – definitely not sweet enough and it has a weird vanilla flavour
Overall flavour: 2 – kind of chalky
Blending: 2 – gritty + flecks, but mixed – didn’t stay mixed
Protein base:  Pea Protein, Quinoa Protein, Hemp Protein
Total ingredients: 11
Protein / serving:  20g (13.4g)


Texture: 4- a little gritty but overall is good
Sweetness: 2- overly sweet
Overall flavour: 2 – it tastes a lot like vanilla
Blending: 2 – gritty + flecks, but mixed – didn’t stay mixed
Protein base:  Pea Protein
Total ingredients: 3
Protein / serving:  2 scoops (25g)

Overall score: 11
Overall impressions: Definitely one of the better protein powders out there. It has the flavour and the texture is quite smooth
Would I repurchase? Definitely!


Texture: 2- really chalky and gritty
Sweetness: 4.5 a little sweet
Overall flavour: 4 – it tastes really yummy (like a vanilla smoothie)
Blending: 2 – gritty + flecks
Protein base:  Pea, Hemp & Pumpkin Seed,
Total ingredients: 13
Protein / serving:  2 scoops (18g)

Overall score: 12.5
Overall impressions: I do like it because it has a really nice flavour
Would I repurchase? Yes


First place: Aloha
Second place: Nuzest Clean protein
Third place: Protein World

PS: Hope this review helped you get a closer look into these 3 protein powders and if you have any recommendations of other protein powders for me, please write them down so that I can try them and rate them too 🙂

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