My routines for a better morning

Over the 6 months or so I’ve incorporated some habits into my morning routine. Here are my 4 favorite healthy morning rituals to start your day on the right track!

While I probably have a few more things that I do, (like brush my teeth, brush my hair, wash my face…) I’ve decided to just include my 4 favorite healthy routines for a better morning in this post.

There are a few morning rituals that have become such an essential part of my morning routine. Doing these 4 routines in the morning helps me wake up, put some importance on myself in the morning, plus it helps me start my day in a relaxed state of mind. I also find my mind to be more clear and ready to take on whatever tasks I have waiting for me that day.

It’s become such a norm in our society to rush everything, including waking up in the morning. So many people run out the door and don’t even have time to enjoy breakfast (which is such a shame). So, as I have challenged myself, this year (2019.) I want to challenge you too. Simply think of the things you would like to change in your morning routines and create better habits which will help you to slow down your morning and take some time for yourself to practice your rituals!

Self-care should be practiced every day and because of it, I am sharing my favorite 6 healthy routines for a better morning! 




Immediately after I wake up, I get inside my kitchen and heat up some warm water. Then, I cut a lemon in half and squeeze out the lemon juice and add it into a cup with the water. After I mix all of it, I add in a scoop of Furtherfood collagen protein and I let the drink to slightly cool down.


Hydrating your body after a long night might help improve your bowel work and it might speed up your digestion. I like to drink lemon with collagen on an empty stomach because of my acid reflux. Lemon or apple cider vinegar helps me reduce the amount of acidity my stomach produces.


After waking up, I always check my diary. At the moment I am using  Jo&Judys a5 calendar which helps me keep up with my emotions, daily plans, and activities.


So with my early morning drink, I take 5 minutes of my time to write down my feeling and intentions for the day. By writing the quote of the day, helps me create a positive mindset, which will thrive me through the day.


I am definitely a morning person, who HAS TO have breakfast. I mean who doesn’t like the delicious and fluffy pancake, waffles, muffins.. in the morning? I do know that a lot of people skips breakfast and I hear about them so often, but that is actually a bad habit /from my perspective). Why? Because half of those people end up in the bakery eating a pastry product instead of a healthy homemade breakfast. I mean, even if you’re not that hungry in the morning, try and enjoy a light breakfast, like a piece of fruit or a handful of almonds.


Eating breakfast will help get your metabolism going and also fuel your brain so you’re ready to take on whatever your day has for you.

If you are out of healthy recipes regarding breakfast, check out my breakfast recipes!



Sometimes puting on some new styled make-up, choosing different clothing combos for school/work or just simply writing a nice caption on your instagram can help improve your morning state. It has been proved that creativity   increases the “feel good” neurotransmitter, dopamine. So, creating something new and creative might give a little push for your body to

I hope these 4 healthy morning routines to start your day make you look forward to waking up in the morning!


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