Story of a teenage football player

Since the school has started, I am so excited about all of the things which have been going on around me. My life is busy as always, but there is one interesting story which came along the way. It is a story of a new boy in my class. He is a professional football player who came all the way from Cyprus. He doesn’t speak Croatian, so it was interesting for me to bring English int my conversations again. In addition, I got very interested in the fact that he came from a totally different place all because of his dream.

The thing is, his story was really interesting for me and I wanted to share it with you. The reason why it seemed interesting is the fact that I had a similar experience in which I came to a new country, met new people and had to adapt to the whole new environment. Our stories are not the same, but they have similar characteristics and because of it I decided to ask my friend a bit more about his story

Before I actually start talking about his background, I want you to think about these 3 things:

  1. How would you feel if you had to move to another country, without knowing the language of the country you are in and about you being alone there?
  2. Do you think that you are responsible enough to take care of yourself as a teenager?
  3. Would you break the limits to accomplish your dream?

Think carefully and objectively about these 3 things, because I will mention them again later.

The beginning of his story

His started playing football since he was five. I asked him what was his inspiration to involve into playing football and he said that he started it just because he wanted a hobby, but then that hobby turned into a real sport. And so today, 12 years passed since he started playing this sport. At first, when he involved in football, he started playing at an academy in Cyprus. Later on, he got asked to move to Greece for 2 full years and play for a football team called Paok.

The fact of him moving to Greece all alone is a really big step for someone in teenage years. It is a real challenge I would say. So, after those 2 years in Greece have passed, he came back to Cyprus.

From last year to now

During his teenage year, I really have to stand out the fact that he moved so many times and that during all of those processes he had to grow up faster than his friends. Last year his challenge was to play for a new club in Cyprus called Kaamiotissa. After that, he went to Bosnia to play in a tournament and in the end, he came to Croatia. The reason why he came here is the fact that he didn’t have a professional contract with the club from Cyprus and so Kamiotissa made a deal with NK Osijek for my friend to move to Croatia and play for them. He made a contract to be here for 4 years and if NK Osijek sells him to another club his previous club (Kamiotissa) will get 20% of the money.

Honestly, I know that once you are a professional football player clubs sell you all around the world, but for me, the fact of me being “sold” to someone would be really a hard fact. I would feel stranded and uncomfortable, and so that is why I admire my friend for what he is doing.

He is a junior at the moment and he can’t play for another full month. In addition, he can’ play for the first league until he turns eighteen and he has to go to school because of UEFA. Yeah, that is another topic which is interesting. I mean training professionally requires a total dedication to what you do and because of that, my friend didn’t go to school for full 2 years.

At the moment he is going to school, but I believe that it is really hard for him to do so. Missing out all of the theory and everything you learn in school can be really hard to catch up with.

What matters the most

His story got me interested because of the spirit he has. From my perspective, following your dream is not easy because of the intervention of other things which come along the way. It is hard to stay persistent in what you do and what you think is right to do. For your full dedication, you really need to know who you are.

However, his story is the not most important thing here, but his life is. His life is full of adventures, challenges, and new situations through he have to go through. During my little “interview” I also asked him who is his favorite player, for what club he cheers for, what is going on with his social life and what does he do in his free time. He told me that he loves shopping, that he stays in contact with his friends and that he met new friends here. His favorite player is Messi and he cheers for Barcelona.

Although he seemed very positive about it all, I think that there are definitely days in which he misses some features from a non-football teenage life. He truly seems passionate and dedicated and I honestly believe that he will accomplish his dreams. In addition, when I asked him about his future plans, he told me: ” Only God knows what is planned for me”. This sentence truly made me think of the strength he carries and passion.

So let me go back to the questions I’ve asked you at the beginning of the post. Have you thought about them? Do you think that my friend has the true spirit for becoming a known football player? I do, and I do hope that the questions from above made you think about your life and your own goals.


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