My 2018 goals

I know that sometimes setting your goals and making big changes is hard. One thing is to plan a goal and another thing is to complete it. The road to actually reaching it is always curvy and hard, but it is possible. As I have been working on myself (mentality, body, self-care…) really had lately, I also made new goals for this year which I know will be hard to get, but I am ready to challenge myself and give my best to reach them. 

I have been thinking about my life a lot and I’ve realized that I have so many chains keeping me away from reaching my true nature. Because of that, while being on my vacation, I read 5 books which have helped me to see what I was missing. While reading them I gave myself a chance for change, which I wouldn’t do a couple of months ago and I am proud of that. I also realized that I hold 2 very complex parts of myself (mentality and physique) and I need to nourish both of them, not just one. Before I thought that if I changed everything on the outside, the inside part would become better, but I was wrong, it is actually the opposite. Changing the inside has an effect on the outside and now when I finally took time for myself to see that I feel incredible.

My 4 big 2018 goals

  1. I will change certain parts of my mindset and work on my life experience

  2. I will change my body and reach another level in the gym

  3. I will strive to reach 10k followers (but for that I will need your help)

  4. I will make a new recipe/motivation book which will contain mostly my experience, advice, quotes and delicious new recipes for each occasion

I won’t say that I will reach each of them until the end of the year but I will strive to make my wishes come true. I will do my best to inform you about each and every goals while completing it and I hope that I will show each of you that sometimes, simply by changing how you think and who you are, you can move mountains. 

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