How to create your own Instagram theme

Hey there Insta lovers. A lot of you have sent me a message asking if I could give you some advice on how to create your own Insta theme. As I know that a lot of you are passionate about what you post and would like to progress with your Instagram account, I decided to write down some tips I wish I had known before I had started my own account. The truth is, sometimes we just don’t know where to start, how to plan our feed and how to achieve a consistent theme, which is quite normal. It is always easier when you get some kind of guidelines on how to start everything.

Have in mind that your Instagram theme is a reflection of who you are and what you love. Don’t feel like you have to stick to “rules”. There are no rules. You make your own rules.  The secret to making a beautiful theme is to love what you share and stick to a style.

In this post, I will be showing you 6 Insta themes you can create on your own. They are one of the most common ones and are really easy to accomplish. I will explain how to create each of them with a couple of steps 🙂

1.White background theme

This theme is quite common and really beautiful. It calls a lot of attention because most of the background on the photo is white, so that way people can focus on the main subject in the photo.

This theme is really easy to create because the only thing you need to make sure is to have a white background or a very light one which you can edit and make it white in FaceTune with the whitening tool. Another useful step to create this theme is the black&white tool. With it, you can erase the color in your photo and make it almost close to white. This theme also requires a very good lighting so that you can have that bright effect 🙂 So if you choose this theme, make sure your apartment is full of light or take your photos outside with the morning light.

2.Minimalist Theme

This theme is my favorite, but I would never choose it for myself. Why? Because I am not good at taking shots with empty space. This theme is called minimalist for a reason: “One simple thing on your photo tells the whole story.”

The main focus on this one is simplicity. You can mix 1-2 colors o your feed, but you need to keep it simple. I would definitely recommend this theme for those who are really relaxed and love simplicity 😉 Personally, my favorite minimalist vegan fitness account is from @naturallystefanie.

3.Dark theme

The dark theme seems easy to create, but I honestly think is the one that takes the most effort and time. Using dark colors is extremely effective but SO much harder to execute, there’s a lot more thought to put in behind the scenes.

So to create this theme, the main and most important thing to have is a dark background (dark shirt, lightning, building…). Your photo needs to call out that moody effect. Another thing you should try and play with is shade. This can really improve your photography because sometimes the part of the photo in which you put the shade it can make a big difference.

My favorite foodie who has a dark Instagram theme is @laurafruitfairy

So if you choose this theme, I would recommend you to use VSCO app. Use filters like A6, M5 or HB2. Here you can see one tutorial on how to create this theme

4.White Borders

I would say that this theme is the most elegant one. No matter the style you use to edit your photos they always somehow turn out good in this feed. It is because it spaces out your photos very nicely, so no matter the photos, your feed will look consistent.

If you are a newbie, then I would recommend this theme for you.

To create this theme use Photo Collage.

5. Black Borders

Just like the previous theme, this one is also an easy peasy one to create.

It also helps you create that moody look, without needing to have all that big knowledge about editing the photos and from which angle to take your photos. You can still use the filters that I recommended in the Dark theme, but if you don’t want to, you don’t need it too.

6. Pinky style

Girls, where are you?! This theme is just right for any girl who loves everything that is pink. Pink, Pink Pink..! 

To create this theme you need to make sure to use filters (C1, G1, E3) in VSCO Cam or another app which have that pink effect. You need to make the tone pinker and you need to have something pink in the photo so that you can keep that consistent pink look. It is also best if you keep your background light so that the pink in the photo cane stand out. Sometimes, putting up the temperature higher can help you create that little pink warm shade 🙂

Here is a tutorial on how to create this theme.


I hope that this post was helpful and that you got some inspiration on how to create your theme. If you have any question, just pop it in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer you 🙂

I have to say, I do like the pinky touch in the Instagram feed. What about you?

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