Something no one talks about in the perspective of life

Although I am only 16, I have gone through so many things in life that sometimes I feel like 20. It might sound ridiculous, but give me a chance by reading this post here and you will see what I am talking about.

Life is here to teach us, challenge us and to show us what beauty it has for us. We get born, grow up, live, play, work and succeed. At least, that is how it should all work. However, not every life works that way. We can’t forget the times when life puts us into a little trial so that we can grow even more. The reason I am writing this post is the positivity this world lack in. As I said, life gives us struggles somedays, but it all depends on us how will we perceive those struggles. Will we fight and grow, or will we quit and let everything fall apart? I love to say that is all about the perspective we have. My best example for you is my struggle with an ED. Yes. it is true that the illness could have killed me, but in the end, it did not. I am here, stronger than ever and I am living my life with my heart full. However, if I had quit, I could have lost my life. So what you have to remember is that you always have at least 2 paths. One good and one bad, and sometimes there is even more of them. It just depends on which one will you choose.


Not every day in our life is perfect. It is funny how when the darker days take over we can see 100% of the darkness, but when we have good days we see maximum  70% of the whole happiness and even though we are really happy, there is always a place for darkness. So, I know that some of you struggle with getting out of those negative thoughts. I do too, trust me. But the important thing to have in mind is that you can come out of the negativity. It wouldn’t be normal if everything was perfect, because that way no one would grow and become stronger. We need to know how to fight with the negativity and how to take the best part out of it. Here is a little thing I want you to think about: Each and every person need that feeling of safety, no matter the way they will accomplish that. When kids are scared they take their toys most of the times and hug them. Why? Because they are their safe place. The same thing may refer to the people who pray. Praying is a type of ritual which helps people feel safe in negative days. However, praying is not considered as an OCD. So how is it that praying (a type of ritual) is not considered as OCD, but per example washing hands always in a certain way is? Do you know why? Because that is what people have decided. It is definitely not true that one is OCD and another isn’t, but the rules we live with say that it is. So we should follow those rules, right? OF COURSE NOT! Life is given to all of us to set our own rules. If something you do helps you stay positive and happy, why wouldn’t you do it? It may be a ritual, a quote you say, a walk you take, a workout you do… Anything that makes you feel better. OCD might be a ritual, but a ritual that slowly starts destroying your life. It takes over most of your days and it just pushes out the good. That is the main difference. So, what I want to say is that you shouldn’t always listen to people around you. We are all different. We have different paths and lives and because of it, we perceive things in different ways, just like different flavors. Some people can taste bitter more than sweet while others can taste more intensively the sweet rather than sour.

Trust and understand yourself! Once you accomplish that, no one will be able to tell you what is right and what wrong. You need to believe in what you do and you need to know the reason why you are doing it. Set your goals and grow stronger. See life as an opportunity. Do you know why? Because you can take something positive out of every, but EVERY single situation. You simply need to have clear eyes 🙂

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