My fitness tips – How I stay on track

Hey there my friends! I am so glad that you stopped by. Just by you opening this post I can see that you are interested in some extra fitness tips and tricks so that you can make a progress with your own journey. In this post, I will do my best to explain each and every habit and thing I do to keep my body healthy, strong and in good shape.

Honestly, it was really hard to point out just a couple of tips that I do, because I have a lot of them, but I chose 4 of the most important ones that I think are crucial for changing your lifestyle and reaching your body goal.


As you all know doing physical activity is compulsory for reaching your goals. I train from 3-4 times per week and I have to say that those are not simple workouts. I do my lower body 2 times a week, upper body 1x and the whole body 1x. At the moment my focus in on growing my glutes and that is the reason why I do lower body 2x per week. I split my training sessions like that because that way I give enough time for each part of my body to rest. Knowing your body and setting your workout goals is really important. If you don’t know what kind of workout you will do and just come to the gym and do just some jumping squats, your body is not going to change or make progress. I also write my workouts into my notebook. It might sound funny but that way I can make a huge progress. Just be increasing the weight or the reps from my last workout in a certain exercise can help me gain lots of strength. So to sum up, plan your workouts, don’t just come into the gym and do nothing and start doing some physical activity because without it loves, you won’t reach what you wish.



This step is actually going to fill 80% percent of your whole body goal. Nutrition is the most important step you need to consider when setting bod goals. So what I do is I set my weekly macro goal on Sunday, the week before and I split it each macro into every day. For me, it is really important to follow my macros so that I don’t go under it because of the intense workouts I have. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you will need to cook. Hell yeah! I do my meal prep each Sunday and I cook for 2-3 hours some days, but I know that that is a must! It is really important for you to set your goals in this category. So decide if you wish to lose, gain or maintain weight. You can read more about each goal in this blog post. After you set your goals, start behaving according to the goals. Exercise, cook, write what you ate, take out some junk food and create new habits. Trust me when I say that nutrition is my number 1 priority to reach my goals.



This step is one of my favorites. Why? Well, by following my progress I can help myself on the days when I feel down. Taking photos and writing about how I feel after each workout helps me get that needed motivation. Some days when I retain more water I do feel like shit and I just want to jump out of my body. Surprised? Well, you shouldn’t be because I am a human just like you and yes I do feel bad some days. I know how does it feel when you look like a little ball 😛 But because of that I write my thoughts and I take pictures so that on those days that can be my motivation. Seeing even just a little step forward can give you a huge push to continue. So yeah, try to follow your progress somehow because at the end you are changing your habits for you and seeing yourself progress is what you want at the end.



This step might seem funny because well what does rest have to do with changing your body? Well, it is actually very much connected. So resting days are really important, not just for your body, but also for your mind. On my rest days, I do have had times to just lay down and do something for myself. I have had time to relax, just like some of you I guess. But I know that resting days are really important for me because on those days my body is growing and on those days I should focus on myself in a different way. I need to show my body respect and love by doing things I love the most. Maybe taking a bubble bath, reading a book, cooking, writing, coloring or doing anything I love is going to make my day better. We are not taught to do things for ourselves. In the world, there is no time for that, but there must be! On my rest days, I try to connect with myself in the ways I wouldn’t do in the usual days. I try to relax my mind and connect with my inner self. So my relaxing, doing what I love and enjoying in my rest days I develope that feeling of success and prepare myself or the next really hard workout session. You should try this tip out because that is what really helps me regain strength for the next workouts.


Here we are! These are my fitness tips for you. I follow them each and every day of my life and they help me stay on track. I hope that these tips will help you with making your next steps. If you have any question you can ask me in the comments or you can send me a message on Instagram or an email. I will try to answer all your questions the best I know.

Good luck everyone!



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