Think about what drives you…

While growing up, I can say that I didn’t have the best life. My parents worked a lot, my sister used to be with her friends and I was alone most of the time. I would play with my friends too, but each time I stayed disappointed. As kids, we are all foolish and my foolishness was the part that I trusted everyone around me. People would use that and use me for what they needed and when I needed something, no one would be there. During that time I realized that you can’t rely on people. They are who they are and only 1 in a 100000 will be the right person to rely on. Because of that, I decided to take a different path. A path in which I will be the one to rely on, in which I will be the one that smiles and in which I will be the one that is happy. Each one of us builds its own path. It just depends on the road you take. I found mine and I am trying to build it. While being on it I am trying to grow and ignore the people that are foolish, selfish, unkind and jealous. I try to be my own light and I try to inspire others. So whichever path you have, make sure it is the one that brings you anger and happiness and not sadness and indifference. Why anger? Well because until you feel anger and happiness you will grow and work on reaching your goal.

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