How to stay on track during holiday

Have you ever wondered about the best way to stay on track during the holiday season? Aside from keeping up with your healthy lifestyle as much as possible, there are a few key tips to keep in mind…


We all love holidays. It is the time for family gatherings, celebrations and rejoices. It is the time of the year when our heart is open and everyone is hoping to achieve that cozy, fuzzy and warm feeling. Unfortunately, as joyful and exciting as this time of year can be, it can also be a very difficult time of year to stay on track with your health goals. It’s so easy to get off a normal healthy eating plan and dive into those delicious comfort foods and sweet treats. Our daily walk or workout takes a sideline and we start to feel stressed with all we need to get done before Christmas. Believe me, I know all about it! Eating, drinking and being lazy most of the times pushes our progress back. We’ve all been there, but are we all doomed to avoid all holidays gatherings? Of course not! These tips will help you feel motivated, strong and happy during those family meals. They will help you stay on track with your fitness journey and will show you that being healthy doesn’t always need to be hard 🙂

1.Be realistic:

  • Don’t set goals like: “ I won’t eat anything sweet”, “I can’t enjoy in my granny’s special pie”… Things like that won’t bring you anywhere because they will make you anxious and sad, which will take you to another end of eating EVERYTHING that is in front of you. Instead, choose to eat a balanced meal. Make sure to have a good amount of veggies and protein on your plate, and also don’t forget to eat a little piece of cake after a meal. That way you will be satisfied and will not eat an unbalanced meal.

2.Be Prepared
Keeping up with your real foods lifestyle during the holidays is really tough. Trust me, I struggle with it every year too. To avoid those temptations, there are a few precautions you can take to ensure you stay on track.

  • Plan Your Meals
    Planning meals in advance are essential to a healthy lifestyle on most days and it is especially the case during a busy holiday season. Make sure you have prepared foods available at all times. This means spending a couple hours a week meal prepping, or practice my favorite prep, bulk and batch cooking. I know it sounds hard, but as people say it takes you 21 day to break a habit and 90 days to build a routine, so try to keep that in mind
  • BYOF:
    By this, I mean: “Bring your own food” On every party or family gathering, there is food: there is just no escaping that. What you can do is let your host/hostess know that you will bring your dish or treat. That way you can make sure that there is one meal for which you know is healthy. (This is just a tip, so please don’t take it as something necessary. Remember that you don’t need to do that, but if you have some food allergy, bringing your own food can make it easier for the host.)
  • Don’t come with your belly empty
    Before a family lunch/dinner, make sure that you had eaten something before. This way, you will make company to your family but won’t bring yourself into a temptation of eating until you can’t open your mouth again.

3.Learn to say NO

  • I know that holiday time might be hard to say no to people around you, but you have to put yourself first. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation that you become so stressed and forget to enjoy in the moment with your family.
    Also, keep in mind your individual needs and restrictions. Say no to things that will you make you unwell, and that will not improve your health.

4.Don’t forget about your workout

  • Holiday times might be hard to keep up with training routines. The cold outside doesn’t push you to go and have a workout. Although you don’t feel like having a workout in a certain moment, try to think about the feelings you get after a workout, remember until did you come to and remember how much effort did you put into that. Be persistent with what you are doing and push yourself, because at the end you will be glad that you did it.

Don’t RESTRICT yourself and ENJOY in the moment

  • My most important advice to all of you is to NOT RESTRICT your meals. There is no point of not eating 1-2 meals a day or two days before your family gathering because your body doesn’t interpret that in the way you doo. Your body needs food to function and if you restrict your meals by thinking of compensating it in the day or two after, that will make your body in shock and it will store fat and that is not what you want. Be nice to your body and to yourself. I know that keeping everything under control isn’t easy sometimes, but don’t take that so hard. There is no point of being focused on your fitness journey if you can’t find happiness in your family. Always remember that you have be realistic and not optimistic and remember that sometimes the way that you see some things aren’t exactly like that. Be with your family in the moment, because this holidays won’t repeat ever again!


I hope that some of these tips were helpful to you and that you will use them for this holiday season 🙂


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